Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Blissful Years of Poop Humor and Silliness

Mark said our family motto should be "Everybody poops." Of course, it could be deeper than it sounds: everyone has trials, everyone has things to be embarrassed about, everyone has flaws, everyone should be treated equally.... but do you think we meant it that way?! Oh, I love that Mark. Happy anniversary, poopy!

The boys on Mark's side of the family pretending I weighed a million pounds:

Evon, my maid of honor, said it looked like my brothers were holding me like a shovel:

My brothers passed me off to Mark. Sweet, right?

The photographer reminded them they were supposed to be embarrassed at seeing us kiss:

My dad had to use a lint-roller on Mark because my cloak was shedding all over him:

Pretty neat family photo!

I LOVE some of the faces in the background!

Mark and his best man, Steve, striking a funny pose:

For us, trying to take serious pictures is hilariously impossible.

Being goofy is way easier.

Getting ready to cut the cake... or defend ourselves. I can't remember which.

Giggle giggle!

One of the most worthwhile photos of the whole wedding. Srsly.

Spinning my nephew, Taylor, around.

My old roommate, Anna, gave me the best wedding card -- she incorporated a poop joke. This is me laughing my guts out, and her being satisfied with my reaction. :D I think I scared some other people, though!

Laughing while Mark got the garter. I SO didn't want a crowd watching, oh well!

Mark's awesome face while he shot the garter into outer space:


"Let's beat this joint!"

And some silliness since the wedding...

Three of our favorites from our honeymoon in Moab:


Check out THIS muscle strength:

Mark's friend at the Bean Museum at BYU:

MY friend at the Bean Museum (don't blame me, that's a real bird!! hahaha):

The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point (highly recommended play place of awesomeness for all ages):

The coolest diorama of my life!!

Some neato cannons at the fort at St. Augustine in Florida:

Um... did you expect me NOT to do this?!

Mark and I... let's just say we think alike.

Jaws at Universal Studios!!!! My favorite place on earth. Ask anyone in my family.

Mark successfully impersonating a freaky old geezer-goat at a petting zoo in Florida:

Yeah... that goat terrified me! I didn't want his crusty old lips anywhere near my fingers.

For our 1-year anniversary I made Mark go on a scavenger hunt. At one place, he had to do a monkey-dance for the camera in order to obtain the next clue. Man, I am so good.

A year ago at the BYU 232nd ward reunion (where we met) we got this gem of a picture:

Last May our friends Gary and Liz introduced us to the funniest (and worst) movie of all time - Troll 2. We went to a showing of a documentary about the movie (Best Worst Movie), and met some actors!

In October we went to Denver for the wedding of Mark's brother, Nathan. While we were there we had fun goofing around in the art museum, and I enjoyed being yelled at by 3 guards! haha...

Outside of the museum was this gigantic cow. Mark wanted to get a picture of me "milking" it, but I just felt weirded out. LOL!

Mark looks totally natural, however. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2008 Washington Open House

Yup. In about a week, Mark and I will have been married for 3 years. Pretty weird. I'm not sure whether that's a long time or no time at all. We'd only been married a few months when Mark said, "It's like my mission. Once I'd been out for a few months, it felt like I'd always been on my mission. It was sort of hard to remember life before it." It's so true. Life before being married doesn't make any sense! It feels so far in the past.

Anyhoo, 3 years ago today (Feb 9) we had our Washington open house, about a week before we were married. Brother and Sister Hazel kindly hosted it in their home in West Richland. Here's a few pics:

The purdy cake Cindy Wolf made for us
Mark and I looking cute before cutting the cake for the first time
Now we're just getting giddy
Cutting the cake with a butter knife, so awesome
We were nice to each other - we didn't get rough with the cake
We had fun opening presents - who wouldn't?!
Then all we had to do was stand around looking cute! That was easy.

Our lovely host, Sister George Hazel. On the right is Brother Clark from the ward. When Mark came for Christmas he realized that he (and his family) knew the Clarks from Florida. Neat!